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City Delivery Service

Quality Motors City Delivery Service provides fast and secure delivery to our customers in the South Africa area. See the map below for details.


Delivery From Durban Port:
 via car carrier by Quality Motors South Africa
To The Following Cities:
Harare, Beitbridge, Plumtree


Delivery From Dar es Salaam Port:
 via driver by Quality Motors Tanzania
To The Following Cities:
Note: Delivery to Tanzania border only


Delivery From Dar es Salaam Port:
 via driver by Quality Motors Tanzania and Quality Motors Zambia
To The Following Cities:
Chirundu, Lusaka, Nakonde
Map Legend
  • Port of delivery from Japan
  • Service Area
  • transported via driver
  • City
  • transported via car carrier
  • transported via container

City Delivery Pricing

City Delivery Pricing

Below are instructions for finding your price for this service:

  • 1Choose your vehicle at Quality Motors
  • 2Select “Final Country” and “Nearest Port / City”
  • 3Click Calculate
    You will see the City Delivery price added to Total Price

Why Choose Quality Motors

  • Fast, Safe DeliveryWe clear your vehicle at the port and deliver it to you as quickly as possible via carrier trucks!
  • Save MoneyYou just pay Quality Motors one time. No need to send money to the agents in Durban Port, we take care of everything for you!
  • Hassle-FreeWe take care of all paperwork for clearing your vehicle at the borders and deliver your documents with your vehicle, so you pay zero courier fees!
  • Fair PriceWe offer fair, and very competitive pricing for our service.

Safe Vehicle Delivery

Your car will be delivered safely via a car carrier truck. This means that your car will not be driven to the border, but carried there on a truck. No need to worry about engine damage or stolen parts!

Frequently Asked Questions (Tax, Clearing & Delivery, etc)

  • Q Is Duty, Tax (VAT) and Clearing Charge in my country included in the price?
  • A Duty, VAT and Clearing Charge in your country is not included in the price. It must be paid by you or via an agent of your choice at the border of your country. * City Delivery to Harare prices include the Tanzania clearing charge.
  • Q Do you deliver the car directly to me in my city?
  • A Your car will be cleared and delivered to a central point in your city where you can collect it.
  • QCan I still use Quality Motors South Africa City Delivery service even if I did not pay for it when I purchased my vehicle from Quality Motors?
  • A Yes, you can contact AVECS and make the payment to them for the City Delivery service.
  • QWill Quality Motors South Africa agents contact me once my documents are dispatched from Quality Motors to them?
  • A Our official agent, AVECS, will contact you after they receive your documents from Quality Motors.